Rest in Clouds

Working under the alias Rest in Clouds, RaΓΊl Jordan from Valencia, Spain, crafts ethereal ambient soundscapes that envelop listeners in calm and tranquility. Drawing inspiration from the delicate interplay between electronic pads, layered textures, and the gentle sounds of nature, his compositions convey profound depth. Jordan’s serene and layered sonic palette embodies a philosophy of warmth, evolving through intricate pads and evolving atmospheres that evoke peaceful imagery and create an immersive experience from beginning to end.

Rest in Clouds’ artistic journey began in his youth, as he experimented with his first compositions on a Spectrum 128K computer and curated electronic music for a local Valencia radio station. Influenced by pioneering artists such as Kraftwerk, New Order, and Tangerine Dream, his fascination with chill and ambient genres blossomed, particularly with Japanese artists and psychedelic sounds. He later found creative kinship in the works of Carbon Based Lifeforms, Cell, and Aes Dana, further shaping his distinctive style.

Jordan’s creative process is centered around a digital audio workstation, starting with a concept or image he wants to evoke, such as the calmness of a summer night. He builds upon this vision with pads, textures, and experimental effects, often incorporating natural sounds recorded during his travels. These layers blend to form deep and captivating auditory journeys that transport listeners to tranquil spaces, ideal for relaxation and meditation.

Having performed at festivals like Ozora, S.U.N. Festival, and Own Spirit, and in countries including Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Mexico, Jordan has shared stages with his inspirations like Carbon Based Lifeforms. In parallel to his musical production, he works as a mastering engineer at Abstract Studios Mastering in Valencia, always striving to bring his listeners to a peaceful and beautiful place through sound.