Raf21, aka RaphaΓ«l Beaudon from Paris, France, embodies a unique blend of classical heritage and ambient innovation. Beginning his musical journey with over two decades of flute mastery, Raphael’s orchestral experience and concert performances laid the foundation for his current explorations into the realm of serene, classically-influenced ambient music.

Raf21’s artistic approach is deeply rooted in his classical influences, drawing inspiration from the likes of Ravel, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and Rimsky-Korsakov. His appreciation for the melodic and harmonic richness of pop music, particularly the works of the Beatles and Paul McCartney, further colours his musical landscape. This blend of classic and contemporary is evident in his creations, where ambient soundscapes meet classical sophistication.

The essence of Raf21’s music emerges from his intimate relationship with nature. Each piece begins with a sound from the natural world, personally recorded during his travels. These sounds are not mere backdrops; they inspire the core melodies and moods of his compositions. Raphael meticulously selects each instrument, layering them over the natural soundscape, allowing the music to evolve organically, intertwined with themes of nature and wellbeing.

His creative process is a testament to his dedication to detail and his pursuit of harmony between nature and music. This is evident in his notable works, particularly “Water Therapy,” which has surpassed a million streams, and his award-winning album “Dream Among Nature.” With over 20k followers on Spotify and inclusion in multiple editorial playlists, Raf21’s music reaches a global audience, resonating with listeners seeking tranquility and mindfulness.

Raphael’s personal journey in music has been marked by remarkable experiences, including his work on the theatre soundtrack “Huit Femmes.” The creation of the main theme, “Ambiance MystΓ¨re,” now a TikTok sensation with over 20 million views, showcases his ability to capture the essence of a narrative through music. This success, combined with his role in the theatre’s sound and music production, stands as a testament to his versatility and passion.

Raf21’s philosophy, ‘Self Empathy,’ reflects his belief in the power of music as a tool for personal happiness and well-being. He advocates for the transformative experience of listening to ambient music, especially in moments of solitude and relaxation, as a path to inner peace and self-care.

Looking ahead, Raf21’s ambition is to encapsulate the essence of the places he’s visited in his upcoming projects. “Rhodes Trip,” set for release in February 2024, promises to be a sonic journey through the island’s natural beauty. His enthusiasm for collaboration reflects his commitment to creativity and his joy in discovering new musical perspectives through the works of his peers.

In the world of Raf21, every note, every sound, is an invitation to explore the serene landscapes of the mind, offering a peaceful refuge in the midst of life’s chaos.

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