Human Is Alive

Pavel Lipatov, performing under the moniker Human Is Alive, is an ambient music artist who intricately weaves auditory tapestries that resonate with both transparency and focus. Hailing from the city of Batumi, Georgia, nestled between the Black Sea and towering mountains, Lipatov creates soundscapes that are not just heard but deeply felt, emphasizing a soothing, almost meditative quality that encourages relaxation and concentration.

Human Is Alive distinguishes itself through a unique synthesis of field recordings and foley sounds, carefully integrating these elements to produce an auditory experience akin to a cinematic score. Lipatov’s meticulous approach involves matching each lush pad with the natural frequencies captured in his recordings—be it the chirping of birds, the rush of ocean waves, or the gentle crickets at night. This method sets his work apart from conventional ambient music.

Inspired profoundly by Michael Cretu of Enigma, Lipatov admires the complexity and detail in Cretu’s compositions, striving to imbue his own music with similar depth. His creative process is streamlined through a digital setup, utilizing virtual instruments and effects like the Granulator synthesizer in Ableton Live and the immersive reverbs from Valhalla, to focus more on the essence of the music rather than the mechanics of production.

Human Is Alive’s notable achievements include several EPs surpassing one million streams, with his collaborative “Northbound” LP with Warmth amassing over 16 million streams. Beyond these numbers, Lipatov treasures the personal stories from listeners who find solace and healing in his music—validating his impact far beyond mere metrics.

Lipatov’s philosophy, encapsulated in his artistic name, reflects a commitment to highlighting the enduring spirit of humanity through his music. He advocates for a world where goodness prevails amidst adversity. Currently, he is transitioning his studio compositions to live performances, with plans to bring his serene soundscapes to audiences in a live setting by 2025. In Human Is Alive, Pavel Lipatov invites us to find tranquility in sound, and through it, a deeper connection to the world around us.