Daniel Field, aka Beymer, is a Toronto-based ambient artist whose work is a serene homage to nature’s subtleties and the rich tapestry of his cultural heritage. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Toronto, Field’s roots run deep in the urban landscape he calls home, yet his musical explorations as Beymer transport listeners to tranquil, natural sanctuaries through sound.

Beymer represents a unique branch of Field’s musical endeavors, distinct from his work as Kilometre Club, focusing on crafting calm, soothing nature-inspired ambient music. His compositions are characterized by their simplicity and meditative quality, blending serene chord patterns with the layered richness of pads and the authentic textures of field recordings, often captured by Field himself in various Canadian locales. This meticulous attention to sonic detail creates an immersive auditory experience, inviting listeners into a peaceful, contemplative space.

A particularly distinctive aspect of Beymer’s music is the incorporation of Yiddish language elements, a nod to Field’s ancestral roots. Despite not speaking Yiddish himself, Field employs the language as a tool to connect with his heritage, carefully selecting words that resonate with the mood and tone of his tracks. This choice adds a layer of personal and cultural depth to his music, bridging the past with the present in each note.

Field’s journey into ambient music was significantly influenced by his early engagement with folk and indie genres, coupled with a fascination for ambient sounds and textures. The profound impact of Max Richter’s “The Blue Notebooks” on Field’s artistic direction is evident in his work, reflecting a blend of neoclassical, ambient, and electronic influences. Beymer’s sound is further shaped by a preference for the organic and imperfect, embracing the beauty found in sonic anomalies and deviations from technical precision.

In his creative process, Field employs a variety of software synthesizers, notably Arturia Pigments and several from Native Instruments, to sculpt his distinctive soundscapes. The use of a Zoom H4N Recorder for field recordings adds a tangible, authentic layer to his compositions, grounding them in real-world sounds and experiences.

As Kilometre Club, Field has achieved notable success, with over 10 million streams across various platforms and collaborations with many prestigious labels. His own label, Imaginary North, showcases high-concept ambient music from around the globe, further establishing his commitment to the genre.

Looking ahead, Beymer is set to delve into the healing potentials of music, experimenting with tracks tuned to specific Solfeggio frequencies. This exploration underscores Field’s ongoing quest to harness the restorative power of sound, offering listeners not just music, but a pathway to tranquility and healing.

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